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国会議員との対話を通して、核政策に対する社会の関心を高め、核兵器のない世界を実現する Dialogue for a nuclear-free world.


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一方で、2017年に採択され、2021年1月22日に発効された核兵器禁止条約は、歴史上初めて核兵器を違法とした国際条約であり、核廃絶を願う世界中のヒバクシャそして市民社会にとって、揺らぐことのない規範として輝きを増し続けています。この条約の成立・発展に大きな役割を果たしてきた国際NGO「核廃絶国際キャンペーン (ICAN)」は、2017年のノーベル平和賞受賞式にて、核兵器禁止条約を「核兵器の終わりの始まり」と称しました。




The year 2022 marks the 77th anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons. On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and President Putin made a nuclear threat. Amid this global crisis, there have been calls in Japan for discussion of nuclear sharing, in which nuclear weapons are jointly operated with those of the United States, and a review of the "three non-nuclear principles," which have become national policy since 1967. We are witnessing moves that run counter to the progress the international community has made toward nuclear abolition.

In the meantime, The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the first international treaty in history to outlaw nuclear weapons, entered into force on January 22, 2021, and it continues to shine as an indisputable norm for Hibakusha and civil society around the world who wish for total elimination of nuclear weapons. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), an international NGO that has played a major role in the treaty's success, called the treaty "the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons" at the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.

In June 2022, the first meeting of States Parties to the Treaty was held, bringing together all the countries that have joined it. The words of the hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the global hibakusha who suffered from nuclear testings, and the young people who are the ones living in the nuclear age resonated with all those gathered there, making this a historic moment that further accelerated the movement toward nuclear abolition.

Japan, however, was unable to share in this momentum. Japan did not join the treaty and even did not participate as an observer in the first meeting, on the grounds that "the treaty has not been joined by a single nuclear power." "Without the cooperation of the nuclear weapon states, nuclear weapons cannot be reduced." "It is necessary for the nuclear weapon states to make efforts to become involved in nuclear disarmament. The Japanese government has continued to insist that it will "serve as a bridge between the nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states." But will it be able to gain the cooperation of the nuclear weapon states without first demonstrating its own active involvement in the treaty? We are very frustrated, ashamed, and disappointed that Japan, which experienced Hiroshima and Nagasaki, has not joined the discussion.

The barriers that stand in the way are very, very high, but we are determined to do what we can first, so we meet directly with parliament members elected in or associated with Hiroshima and ask them why Japan has not joined the treaty and how we can realize a world without nuclear weapons. The answers we get are posted on our website and social media, and we continue to work to bring more people's attention to the issue of nuclear weapons.

Why we are tackling this issue






We believe that Japan, the only country to have suffered the wartime use of nuclear weapons, has a duty to join the treaty. Considering the issue of nuclear weapons is not about national or global security, but about the security of each individual, that is, valuing lives and human rights. The ultimate evil of nuclear weapons will be the inheritance of the next generation if we do nothing. We are the generation that has never known a world without nuclear weapons. Instead of continuing to rely on outdated methods, we will move toward a future in which the lives and rights of all people are respected and valued.

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