Brand Assets

We have prepared materials that can be used freely by media, blogs, and organizations. Please read the rules of use carefully and agree to them before using the materials.

Rules of use

  • You are free to use the assets on your website, blog, SNS, and various handouts.
  • Please do not alter them.
  • You are free to create goods for your personal use, but please make sure to clearly state that they are unofficial.
  • Commercial corporations and businesses, such as companies and sole proprietors, are not allowed to produce or sell goods for commercial business purposes.
  • If Syncable requests that you cease use of the assets, please do so immediately.
  • If the rules of use change in the future, please follow them promptly. However, we will not ask you to pay a fee.


ZIP file containing SVG, JPG, and PNG format images of various sizes. Please unzip the file after downloading.

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