We haven't seen our family for 4 years. We want to take the opportunity of graduation to show filial piety to our family. We want to invite our family in Bhutan to our university graduation ceremony in Japan!!! Tandin and Kinley


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In 2019, two representatives of Bhutan Judo Association (BJA) Kinley Tshering and Tandin Wangchuk came to Japan on a SEISA Sports Scholarship. With the personal support of Late Mr. Miyazawa who is the founder and the honorable president of SEISA Group and with the support of the FGC and SEISA Group, two boys received the opportunity to attend university in Japan. They studied for a degree in Bachelor of Sports Management at SEISA Dohto University while also training as full-time members of the university Judo team.

They will graduate from SEISA Dohto University in March 2023. While in school, the two students trained as a Judoka with a strong commitment to both in good academics and good sports as Bhutan's representative athlete scholarship students. In their first year in Japan, they represented Bhutan at the World Judo Championships held at the Nippon Budokan and won the bronze medals at the South Asian Games held in Nepal in the same year.

In the spring of their sophomore year, the university was closed due to the spread of the COVID-19. Practice at the dojo was no longer possible. Both boys considered returning to Bhutan temporarily as an option. However, they decided to stay in Hokkaido and continue training, thinking more about the people who had allowed us to come to Japan, the people who had taken care of them, the responsibilities they had, and above all, the future of judo in Bhutan, than about themselves. It was out of their strong desire and conviction to "learn more judo properly and spread Japanese judo in Bhutan”.

After graduation, the two will return to Bhutan to lead the judo in Bhutan by coaching the younger generation while continuing to be active in the sport. They will pass on the traditional Japanese "Judo" they learned in Japan from Bhutanese Judoka.

In 2023, both boys will challenge the South Asian Games, Asian Games, and World Judo, and aims to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, and vows to return the favor by winning the highest and brightest medal on the podium in the future for sure.

This Spring, Kinley and Tandin will cross yet another milestone in their lives as they graduate from university. To celebrate this, we would like to have their families represented at the graduation ceremony by one family member each. To enable this, this is a small fund-raising initiative. Please support us make this event meaningful!

* We would appreciate your understanding that if the amount of the donation target does not reach the graduation ceremony for the two Bhutanese students' family members, or if there is a surplus, it may be used to support sports and para-sports in Bhutan.

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Accepted credit card brands issued overseas : JCB/AMEX/Diners/Discover

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


The donation amounts achieved here are for Syncable's support funding campaign only. For the exact amount achieved overall, please refer to the organization's overall campaign page here.


1)We Want to Invite Two Bhutanese Family Members to the University Graduation Ceremony!

Tandin Wangchuk “JUDO is My Passion”

My name is Tandin Wangchuk and I’m 25 years old.

I started Judo as a dieting process and later it became my passion.

I have been doing judo for almost 12 years. I started Judo at the age of 13.

Kinley Tshering “Fascinated and Captivated by Judo Techniques”

My name is Kinley Tshering. I’m 23 years old.

I have been playing judo for almost 12 years.

The reason I started Judo is that judo is a new sports in Bhutan so I want to explore more about it. After joining Judo I love technique n all so I continue playing it.

The Situation in Bhutan, their country of origin, Where Academics Take Precedence Over Sports Due to Economic Problems.

A wide range of support activities have been carried out, including donation of Judo wear and tatami mats, exchange of human resources, etc., as well as support by Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, Kodokan, Kobe Bhutan Friendship Association, Konan University Judo Club, Judo Federation of Australia, SEISA Group, and others.

Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Grassroots Cultural Grant Aid to Bhutan in fiscal year 2008, one Judo hall (site area: 600㎡) with an international standard match arena (2 surfaces) was also completed in the capital city of Thimphu. However, many Judoka and families with judoka in Bhutan face economic problems, such as not being able to afford Judo uniforms and club dues.

A recent survey found that 10% of the population is poor. According to the Bhutan Judo Association, many children who attend Judo practice do not have three well-balanced meals. Some families cannot afford not only Judo uniforms, but also eggs and milk. Most families prioritize school work over sports, and many children do not come to practice during test periods or quit when they reach junior high school age. Many children do not have the financial means or the understanding of their families regarding judo. Many children quit Judo and other lessons in junior high school because they want to concentrate on their studies and job-hunting activities for the future.

Training with Experienced Judoka and a lot of Practice and Training Time - Differences Between in Bhutan and in Japan

In Bhutan we don’t have morning training and we do Judo 4 times a week. We hardly do gym training as we don’t have much equipment. In Bhutan we don’t have a heavy weight opponent to do randori, so at first it was really hard to do randori with Japanese heavy weights.

There is lots of difference between Bhutan and Japan. Firstly, the number of Judokas & the practice time. In Bhutan we do it 3 times a week & it’s almost for 2 hours. Also, the randori practice times is short. Whereas here we have to do training every day. Secondly, they are psychically and mentally fit. As they are trained from small. The way they enter their technique & control the opponents are good and have lots of experience in competitions. 

Lastly, as there are many judo clubs here, we sometimes go to practice with other members and learn our mistakes. Whereas in Bhutan we don’t have more than one club and most of them are small, so we don’t get good practice at our level.

Monday to Saturday Schedule in Japan.

Colleges Days: Mon, Wed & Friday - Morning Training (Running)

Monday to Saturday- Judo Training (3 hours)

Vacation Days have Training Twice a Day (morning: Judo, evenings: Running, Gym, Speed Running, Step Training, etc.)

Judo training menu

From Monday to Friday, we have class from 9am till 4 pm and after that we go training. Saturday, we have morning Judo training and we do some gym in the afternoon and usually on Sunday we go for sightseeing and tour with our Judo friends. We reach home around 8 pm and eat dinner and study for a while and sleep around 11:30 pm.

What they felt and learned from their life in Japan


To talk about my success, I have achieved so many things in Japan in the field of Judo and knowledge. I have upgraded my belt to second Dan and participated in world championships which was my goal.

Lots of things made me happy including the scholarship in Japan was the biggest happiness I have ever had in my life! The support and love of Japanese people made me feel really lucky and I’m always grateful for the opportunity.

Yes, where there is success there will be failure, my failure in Judo was that I couldn’t achieve my goal which is to bring a gold medal for my country!

I didn’t feel that sad as I expected but life in Japan was very difficult to live at first. From my daily life to my university life, it was really challenging and stressful. In the field of Judo too it was way more difficult than I thought. But after all, it help me to become a better person than what I was before.


What made us happy is that we got a chance to participate in the World Judo Championships where all the popular and stronger Judokas take part in those tournaments and we also got a chance to participate with them.

After practicing judo for 3 years in Japan we had our first Judo competition last year. That's when we can’t make it to the next round. But we gained more knowledge & improved a lot from that mistake. Painful things are when we get injured during the practice. Sad thing is that when I failed JLPT N2 twice & sometime feel homesick.

Accomplishments in Judo

2)The Foundation for Global Children (FGC), Which Supports Children as well as Youth and Contributes To Their Well-Being.


Our mission is to support children and young generation worldwide who seek for a better future by overcoming various challenges, by providing health grounds for growth to become a member of the ideal society where people live in harmony

Activities: Our Foundation undertake the followings to accomplish the above mission

  • Support children and youth affected by disasters

  • Support children and youth in improving their educational, hygiene, and medical environment

  • Support children and youth in promoting their international understanding and sound development

  • Support children and youth in achieving their social independence

  • Undertake necessary activities for the accomplishment of the above-mentioned goals

All of the above shall be done in Japan and overseas

3 Visions

To establish a framework of solid education and health care, enable children to become responsible members of society and contribute to their country

We will work to provide a solid education (including sports and arts programs) and health care to children worldwide. We also plan to build a framework that will provide proper education as well as work opportunities. This will help to shape their countries’ future. In the long-run, we would also like to help each country in developing their necessary social infrastructure.

To be a 'Do-Tank' rather a 'Think-Tank'

To achieve our objectives more concretely and effectively, the function of the foundation will be more action-oriented. We shall put our words to practice as we stand proud as an institution of ‘doers’.

To carry out our duties patiently, steadily and enduringly

As the hopes of establishing this foundation are to pass the torch to our successors, to keep it burning and to keep working for the well-being and betterment of children, we expect this foundation to function far into the future. We will keep a long-term perspective, but at the same time fulfill our duties one by one, to ensure an enduring legacy.

The founder and former chairman Yasuo Miyazawa's thought: "When the children gain experience and return to their own countries, they will be able to teach the next generation of children in the future."

Until 10 years ago, the position of sports in a Buddhist country like Bhutan was very low. I would like to do a solid grassroots program that looks 10 to 15 years into the future. In grassroots form, on the ground, slowly and carefully. I would like to face the children and nurture them. We would like to start by deepening the children's understanding of the sport by seeing and experiencing it with their own eyes.

Maybe in 10 years, we will catch up with Japan. I want to show them dreams and hopes. I want to show them the dreams and hopes that when they have proper coaching, when they gain understanding and experience, and when they return to their own country, they will be able to teach the next generation of children in the future. I am entrusting them as representatives of my country. I am taking charge of their future. I do this as if I am participating in their lives.

Activities in Bhutan

The FGC has been developing activities in six countries and regions. In Bhutan, we have promoted the following three activities.

In addition, we have provided the following support to Bhutan's Olympic and Paralympic sports.

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we invited the Bhutan Olympic and Paralympic teams, held a camp prior to the Games at the SEISA Hakone Campus, provided them with uniforms and equipment, and dispatched a dedicated support staff for the duration of the Games.

“Children are the future of our world"- we are the ones who create the environment for children. The FGC's Vision for the Future

In our daily lives we hear many news about the youth in the world. News such as infant and maternal mortality, children suffering from disputes led by selfish adults etc. Children put their best effort in surviving these unfortunate circumstances. Due to lack of good medical and educational facilities, children in some countries do not get an opportunity to live a good life. I strongly feel the need for an organization that would help minimize these problems and empower these children. Children are the future of our world. We all share a responsibility towards building a good life for children who are our future. Helping them doesn’t necessarily require a big movement. We can start small and then go from there. So don't let children wait for the future.

“Children are the future of our world. If we do not nurture all children well, there will be no future”.

Children cannot create their current life by themselves.

We are the ones who create the environment that surrounds them.

It is not a big deal to change Japan or the world, but I feel that there are important things that can be done only through "grassroots activities" starting from small things that we can do as a private sector.

3)What kind of persons are involved and with what kind of passion?

Message from the person in charge of the Bhutan Project, the Foundation for Global Children (FGC)

My name is Hiroaki Ishida, and I am a manager for Bhutan Project.

Tandin and Kinley, two Judokas from Bhutan, have definitely become much stronger than before they came to Japan. I would like their families to witness firsthand their improved appearance at their graduation ceremony, a milestone in their lives.

One year after they came to Japan, the spread of the Covid-19 forced them to live in harsh living conditions, as everything was under infection control. However, they still did not return to their home country and persevered with the support of their fellow students and their supervisor, both in the study and in the sports. When they return to their home country “Bhutan”, they will promote Judo in Bhutan by teaching and coaching the younger generation, while aiming to become even stronger themselves.

Thoughts on This Project

It has been four years since they came to Japan. They have been very serious, kind, and patient without complaining or whining, and I have had no problems as their project focal person.

Around one year after arriving in Japan, the spread of the Covid-19 led to the suppression of all infections, and when they were forced to live in harsh living conditions, they asked if they wanted to return to Bhutan. However, they decided to persevere with the support of their fellow students, Judo mates, their coaches and the people they met.

They have now graduated and will be returning to Bhutan. After going back to Bhutan, they will not only popularize judo by coaching younger generations in Bhutan, but they will also devote themselves to becoming stronger.

Message to Everyone

These two Judo students from the Kingdom of Bhutan have reached the milestone of graduating from the university. During their time at the university, they were unable to compete in the Olympics. Due to the Covid-19 disaster, domestic competitions were canceled across the board, and they were not blessed with any opportunities to compete. They did not win a single competition.  Even so, the two had become much stronger than when they first arrived in Japan. And I don't think they are ready yet as Judoka.

I am sure that there were many difficult times during their time at the university, and I am sure that there were times when they wanted to return to their home countries temporarily, but they managed to persevere for four years in faraway Japan, without whining. I would like their families to see them at the graduation ceremony, which is a milestone for them. And since it is a special occasion, I think it would be a good way for them to show their filial piety to their families if they could lead the ceremony, greet and introduce them to the people who have taken care of them, and then return to Japan together. We would very much appreciate your support.

Thoughts from the Families of Two Students from the Kingdom of Bhutan

Mr. Tandin’s Mother

Sir I as the family of Tandin Wangchuk would like to thank your organization for helping him and also for the great opportunity for him to study abroad which our family cannot afford and also a rare opportunity for our simple family to get enrolled in the best university which is like a dream for us. Therefore, I would like to thank all the SEISA Dohto University “late sir Miyazawa san, FGC, dean staff and all his colleagues” from the core of my heart and also hoping that u all will support the same in future also.

Mr. Kinley’s Brother

We the siblings of Mr. Kinley Tshering, our brother, SEISA Scholarship recipient would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to SEISA Company, Bhutan Judo Association and Bhutan Olympic Committee for providing this prestigious scholarship to pursue higher degree studies in one of the reputed institutions, SEISA Dohto University, Japan. We are pretty sure that this chance will contribute in shaping their career and future endeavors. We are very delighted for these opportunities and we shall always remain grateful for that. Thank you all. Regards, Nima Dorji

4)How the donations will be used

We will carefully use your donation to cover the cost of inviting two Bhutanese family members to the university graduation ceremony.

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