The Syncable Terms of Use are currently available in Japanese only. The following is a provisional English translation for reference purposes. Any questions concerning the exact meaning of the Terms should be addressed to STYZ Co. Ltd. and clarified by the User before agreeing to the Terms.

These Syncable Terms of Use (the "Terms") apply to users who wish to support not-for-profit organizations including NGOs, general incorporated associations, public interest incorporated foundations by using services (the “Services”) operated and managed by STYZ Co. Ltd. (the “Company”) on the Company’s website ( )

Article 1 [Definition of terms]

  1. Company: STYZ Co. Ltd.
  2. User(s): User(s) refer to those who use or have registered for the Services to provide financial or in-kind support for not-for-profit organizations.
  3. Beneficiary(es): Beneficiary(es) refer to not-for-profit organizations which receive financial or in-kind support from the Users including NGOs, general incorporated associations, public interest incorporated foundations which have been registered to access the Services. Beneficiaries also refer to the Company’s website ( ) (the “Website”) and corresponding websites operated and managed by the Company for the Users to support the Beneficiaries.

Article 2 [Purpose]

  1. Users shall observe the Terms when they access the Services through the Website to support the Beneficiaries.
  2. The Website is a platform to provide a place for the Users to support the Beneficiaries. The Company shall not be responsible for any troubles, problems, issues etc. between the Users and Beneficiaries.

Article 3 [Change of this agreement]

  1. The Company may change all or part of the Terms at its discretion without prior notice to the Users. The Company reserves the right to revise and/or apply new conditions to the Terms. Revisions and/or new conditions concerning the Terms shall become effective immediately when such revisions and new conditions are posted on the Website. Immediately thereafter, services provided by the Company must be in compliance with such revisions and new conditions.
  2. The Users are requested to fully understand the contents of Section 3-1 of the Terms and periodically confirm the latest version of the Terms. The Users shall not hold the Company liable for any ignorance, objection, or claim regarding revisions and/or new conditions to the Terms. The Company shall not be held liable at all for any damages to the Users as a result of revisions and new conditions to the Terms irrespective of whether damages are direct or indirect, and foreseeable or unforeseeable.

Article 4 [Agreement to this agreement]

At any time the Users access the Website and use the Services, the Terms apply to the Users. Persons wishing to be a User cannot access to the Services unless they agree to the Terms. Users shall be considered in agreement with the Terms immediately when they have accessed the Services.

    Article 5 [Rights of Users]

    1. As long as Users comply with the Terms, Users have the right to access the Services. Such access, however, is unexclusive and untransferable to any third party.
    2. Users shall not perform decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, or any other form of analysis. In case of violations to the above, the Company may immediately suspend the Users’ access to the Services and shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the Users.

    Article 6 [Registration]

    1. Users can register to be a member to access the Services (hereinafter referred to as “Member Registration”) by entering information in the prescribed form for the Services and clicking "Register" button or the "Register with Facebook" button.
    2. Users who have completed the Member Registration (hereinafter referred to as the "Registered Users") will be provided an ID and password. The Registered Users shall assume full responsibility for the use of the ID and password and shall be held liable for illegal or inappropriate use of ID and password by any third party.
    3. If the Company deems that the ID and password are being used illegally, the Company shall notify the Registered Users of the illegal use. The Company may terminate a Registered Supporter's use of the Services without prior notice. In such a case, the Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the failure of the Registered Users using the Service.
    4. The Registered Users may withdraw from the Member Registration at their own responsibility. A request on withdrawal from the Member Registration may be initiated by the Registered Users, forwarded to and accepted by the Company. After completing the withdraw from the Member Registration, all information used in the Services by the Registered Users shall be deleted. The Company shall not be obliged to restore the deleted information in any case.

    Article 7 [Donations to Users]

    1. A User shall make a donation to a Beneficiary through the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Donation") by credit card under the name of the User only (hereinafter referred to as the “Payment Method"). Payment Method should be in compliance with rules of the contract which has been concluded between the User and credit card company. If any disputes arise concerning the use of credit card, the User and the credit card company are held responsible for resolving their disputes.
    2. The User may decide the amount of donation. However, the Company shall not accept any request of return of donation under any circumstances after the User has pressed the "Donate" button on the Website. The User shall directly contact the Beneficiary if she/he wishes refund of the donation from the Beneficiary.
    3. The Services’ charge (system utility fee, fund transaction fee) for the User shall be deducted from the amount of the User’s donation. All of the fund after deduction of the Services’ charge shall be provided to the Beneficiary.
    4. Donations per day should be up to JPY300,000 if its Beneficiary is designated as an organization applicable for tax benefits, and is a public interest incorporated association(foundation), or a legislatively accredited NPOs; Regarding the amount of donation to so called “general interest incorporated association”, and so called “NPO”s, up to JPY100,000 can be donated per day; In case of so called “voluntary association”, up to JPY150,000 can be donated per day.

    Article 8 [Issue of receipt]

    Users who select "I would like to receive a receipt" in the "Receipt" section of the donation form on the Website will receive a receipt for the amount of donation if the Beneficiary is accredited with tax deduction benefit according to respective law and registration.

    However, a User who resides outside Japan is responsible for confirming if there is a specific requirement on the receipt and notifying the Beneficiary of such requirement. Also, receipt will be sent directly from the Beneficiary to the User. Therefore, the Company will in advance request that the User agree to submit the address, name, telephone number etc. which are necessary information for the Beneficiary to send the receipt to the User.

      Article 9 [Confidentiality]

      The Users shall not disclose or reveal information about the Services to any third party if such information is intended as confidential by the Company. Exceptions to the above will be permitted only when the Company agrees to the disclosure of information in writing.

        Article 10 [Handling of Personal Information]

        The Company shall treat the User's personal information in accordance with its own privacy policy at

          Article 11 [Compensation for Damage]

          In principle, the Company shall not be held liable to the Users for any damage caused by Users using the Services, nor will the Company compensate for any of such damage.

          If the damage is caused by the Company's intention or magna culpa, the Company shall assume its responsibility within the extent of direct, actual, and customary compensation for the damage. The Company may suspend, interrupt or discontinue the Services for the User according to the Terms and shall not be obliged to any compensation for damages.

          If the User incurs damage to the Beneficiary or a third party through the use of the Services, the User shall resolve problems concerning the damage at its own responsibility and expense, and shall not impose any damages or expense to the Company.

          If the User violates the Terms or causes damages to the Company by injustice or illegal acts, the Company may demand compensation for the damages from the User.

            Article 12 [Disclaimer]

            1. The Company shall not assure completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the contents of the Service through the Website, and of contents which may be obtained through transition from the Website to other websites.
            2. Concerning delay, change, suspension or termination of the Services, loss or leak of information registered and provided through the Services, or suspension, interruption or termination of other websites transitioning from the Website, or any other cases incurring damages associated with the use of the Services, the Company shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the Users.
            3. The Services may be provided in collaboration with external SNS services. However, the Company shall not guarantee collaboration itself; Even if the Company fails to collaborate with external SNS services, the Company shall not assume any responsibility. When the Services are linked to an external SNS services, the User shall comply with the external SNS terms and conditions at their own expense and responsibility; Regarding any dispute between the Users and the external SNS operators, the Company shall not be liable for such disputes.

            Article 13 [Prohibition and Suspension]

            The User shall not perform actions listed below or potential actions which might be included in the list below.

            If the User performs such actions or the Company deems the actions to be as such, the Company can suspend the Services without notice to the User.

            In this regard, any damages to the User caused by the suspension of the Services shall not be compensated by the Company.

            • 1. Violation of intellectual property rights (such as copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights and industrial property rights) and other rights
            • 2. Infringement of property, trust, and privacy
            • 3. Acts to cause disadvantages
            • 4. Acts that involve the trade or transfer of a third party's personal information
            • 5. Actions that are contrary to public order and morals and promotion to such actions
            • 6. Providing information offensive to public order and morals
            • 7. Trading, accepting, or posting information that is deemed harmful to minors, and promotion to such actions
            • 8. Violation of laws and regulations, and criminal acts, aiding and abetting such acts
            • 9. Acts that interfere with the operation of the Services or other services provided by the Company, or acts that degrade the Company's credibility or honor
            • 10. Usage or implantation of harmful computer viruses through the Services or actions related to the implantation of the viruses
            • 11. Act of transmitting, receiving or displaying information by impersonating another person
            • The following acts using personal information obtained from the Services (including but not limited to use of the e-mail of the Services):
              • 12. Illegal use of IP address, account, ID, password, e-mail address and domain name
              • 13. Acts that use the Services in a way that causes a disadvantage or annoyance to a third party or the Company
              • 14. The act of advertising the Services in a way that causes disadvantage or annoyance to a third party or the Company
              • 15. Acts to allow a third party to use the Services without the Company’s permission
              • 16. Acts of illegal defacing of information entered by a third party or the Company on the Internet
              • 17. Acts such as unauthorized or illegal access to the Company's computer systems and servers
              • 18. Acts of providing information that is or may be against the fact
              • 19. Operation of the same or similar business as the Company
              • 20. Actions related to anti-social forces such as gangsters and finances deemed inappropriate by the Company regardless of any formal arrangements
            • If the Company recognizes inappropriate acts other than the above, the Company can suspend the Services.
            • In addition to the cases of the acts in the preceding paragraph, if any of the following items applies, the Company may suspend the use of this service by the supporters without notifying the supporters.
              1. If you have stopped using this service in the past
              2. When the information provided to us at the time of registration is false, erroneous, or omitted
              3. If you are a minor, an adult ward, a person under conservatorship or an assistant, and you do not have the consent of a legal representative, guardian, guardian or assistant
              4. Antisocial forces, etc. (means gangsters, gangsters, right-wing groups, antisocial forces, and others equivalent thereto. The same shall apply hereinafter.), or maintenance of antisocial forces through funding or other means, When we judge that we are engaged in some kind of exchange or involvement with antisocial forces, such as cooperation or involvement in management or management
            • If the Company determines that it is inappropriate even for acts other than the above, it is possible to stop using this service.

            Article 15 [Governing Law]

            All applicable laws regarding this agreement shall be those of Japan.

              Article 16 [Consultation and Court of Jurisdiction]

              If any doubt arises regarding the interpretation of these Terms, the Company shall be able to determine the interpretation within a reasonable range. For all disputes regarding this agreement and this service, we agree in advance that the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

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                2. Revised September 7, 2017
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                5. Revised February 18, 2019
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